Homeowners Association

The Pelicans Landing Homeowners Association (PLHA) is an important part of life in our fantastic community. Its guidelines ensure that not only is living here peaceful and carefree but also that your property’s value is protected and the community character maintained through the subdivision’s covenants. A summary of the covenants is shown below along with links to the full documents.

Declaration of Covenants Lot Owner Summary

This summary is not inclusive of all regulations. Please see Amendment #2 and #3 for the most current Covenants, Restrictions, and Servitudes. 

  • The Declaration is binding upon all parties having any right, title or interest in the properties within Pelicans Landing neighborhood.
  • Every lot owner is a member of the Pelicans Landing Homeowners Association, Inc.
  • There is only one membership per lot.
  • Assessments shall be levied equally against all lots and shall be set at a level which produces total income for
    the Association is equal to the total budgeted common expenses.
  • Special assessments may be levied for a particular year with the assent of fifty-one percent (51%) of the votes
    of the members.
  • Assessments not paid when due shall be deemed delinquent. Delinquent amounts, interest and costs of
    collection shall be a continuing lien on the lot as evidenced by the lien affidavit filed with Jefferson Parish.

General, Design & Construction Requirements

  • All new construction building plans and improvements to lots are to be submitted to and approved by the Architectural Review Committee before receiving a building permit from Jefferson Parish.
  • Each lot shall be used for residential purposes only. No commercial activities are allowed.
  • The minimum square footage of the living area is 1800 sq feet. The living area does not include screened porches, carports, or garages.
  • No more than one dwelling per lot.
  • All windows facing the street and on each side shall have fully functional shutters.
  • The exterior color and finish shall be reviewed and approved by the ARC.
  • Support pilings shall be fully finished. (Timber piers are not allowed.)
  • Front yard building setbacks are 35’; side/rear building setbacks are to comply with Parish code.
  • Fences shall not exceed six (6) feet in height.
  • Detached structures shall be constructed to match the dwelling. Metal buildings are not allowed.
  • Off-street parking must be provided for all vehicles. No vehicles shall be kept on the street.
  • No boats, motor homes, RV’s, campers, or trailers of any kind shall be regularly parked in the front yard or front driveway of any residence.
  • Drainage swales must be maintained. Lots are to be graded from the sides to the front or rear of the lot and shall not drain onto any adjacent lot.
  • No one shall be permitted to live on any boat, barge or other watercraft maintained on any lot or canal adjacent to the property.
  • Boats/watercraft in excess of 50’ in length or 15’ wide shall not be permanently moored or maintained on the lot or canal adjacent to the property.
  • Approval is needed from the ARC before boat slip or canal excavation to protect the bulkhead.
  • The maximum speed on the Pelicans Landing canals is five (5) mph.
  • Supplies, equipment, fishing gear, trawling nets, and crab traps shall be stored inside.
  • Ordinary household pets are allowed but must be under leash when not on the owner’s lot.
  • Mailboxes must be the ARC-approved design and installed by the contracted vendor.
  • The ARC has the sole authority to approve or reject any requests for variance to the Covenants, and that decision is final.

Declaration of Covenants Construction Regulation Summary For Lot Owners & Contractors

  • Each lot owner is to familiarize contractors with the regulations.
  • Construction activities that may disturb other lot owners shall be limited to 7 am to 7 pm Monday through Friday and 8 am to 4 pm on Saturdays and Sundays.
  • Any damage done by service personnel to streets, drainage, mailboxes, gates, landscaping, and other improvements shall be paid for by the lot owner for whom the involved service personnel was working.
  • All service personnel shall be required to keep the job site neat and clean. Trash and discarded materials shall be picked up daily and placed in the provided receptacle.
  • Stockpiling of trash or material on adjacent lots or streets is strictly prohibited.
  • Service personnel shall limit parking to the construction site or street immediately in front of the construction site.
  • Construction equipment must be kept off the street.
  • Washing any service vehicle on the street is strictly prohibited. Concrete trucks may be washed only on the immediate construction site.
  • Portable toilets shall be located out of the right of way and sanitized at least weekly.
  • Service personnel shall not allow mud, silt, or debris to remain on the street. Adequate erosion control must also be provided.
  • Loud radios are not allowed.
  • Damage to utilities shall be reported by the responsible party within thirty (30) minutes to the appropriate utility company and Parish authorities.
  • Contractor signs are only permitted during construction and are limited to six (6) square feet maximum.
  • Construction must be substantially complete and enclosed for occupancy by the owner within one (1) year of the issuance of a building permit.

Pelicans Landing CC&R with Amendments

You can read the full document by clicking the icon or a title.


Building plans for ARC review

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